Sense of place, care for the earth, connection to each other. Petaluma’s first agrihood is a new living farm community defined by the very soil on which it’s built.

It’s a new kind of neighborhood. Quite simply, an Agrihood is a neighborhood built within a working farm. It unites agricultural land use with residents who desire a greater quality of life, thinking beyond simple urban revitalization and addressing our need for reconnection. It’s the beautifully simple idea of growing food and growing community together. Video: Agrihoods: The newest trend in living (NBC) In an Agrihood, the crops we tend and the place we call home exist together. This type of neighborhood combines the health benefits of living in connection to nature, the emotional well-being experienced in a community, and the positive environmental impact of local, organic agriculture. Add to that the goodness of net-zero energy homes, so we can do our part to protect the planet. It’s just a smart and satisfying way to live.

At Live Oak Farm, family homes are situated around a working organic farm.

These homes have minimal environmental impact, use water wisely, and are built with responsible building materials. Solar arrays on the roofs also allow each home to produce the energy it consumes for net-zero energy efficiency.

Sonoma County’s first Agrihood is taking shape. A lot will happen in the years ahead. Learn more about our progress here on the website or by following us on Facebook and Instagram.